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CNC turning services

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CNC turning services

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It is hard to imagine metal machining without turning. This well-known technique in many industries is the basis when it comes to the production and shaping of details. Thanks to a modern machine park, we are able to carry out almost any (even the most complex) order. CNC turning works have no secrets for us. Use our services and see that we will do it better than others.

CNC turning works - what materials?

Like other turning workshops, we mainly machine components from the following materials:


alloy steels;


stainless steels;


non-ferrous alloys;


aluminum alloys;


cast iron.

CNC turning works - stages

The production of details using CNC turning technology consists of several basic stages.

    1. Designing an element using computer techniques (CAD).
    2. Creating a machine control plan based on the project.
    3. Product execution (CNC).

CNC turning - how does it work?

The operator, using an intuitive interface, enters all necessary data into the system. The computer converts it into action, selecting work parameters for a specific order or detail. During the operation of the machine tool, it is possible to correct the coordinates and other data so as to obtain the maximum satisfactory effect.

Turning consists in machining a rotating detail with a turning tool (knife) moving in a reciprocating motion. This machining technique is designed to form external (turning) and internal (boring) surfaces. Turning works using CNC technology require the operator to install the right tool, enter data and control the entire process from 2021-02-01. All other activities are performed automatically by the machine, which significantly eliminates the risk of human mistake.

CNC turning services - why us?

Let's be aware that the best turning shops must keep up with technological progress. For this reason, we periodically implement new solutions that improve the efficiency of the process and increase the quality of the obtained details. Perfectly equipped machine park and qualified staff guarantee repeatability of elements and perfect mapping of design assumptions.