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CNC turning

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Every day we use a lot of objects that would not have been created without a machining technique such as turning. Take a look at the possibilities it offers and entrust the order to professionals.

CNC turning/milling - differences

While both turning and milling are machining techniques that involve shaping a workpiece by removing layers of material with a tool, the processes are different.

CNC turning

The main (rotational) movement is performed by the workpiece, the rectilinear sliding movement is performed by the tool. The blade is in constant contact with the element during operation.

Purpose: machining of solids of revolution (e.g. cones, spheres, threads, shafts).

CNC milling

The main (rotary) movement is performed by the cutting tool, and the workpiece is subjected to sliding movement. The blades do not work simultaneously, they process the workpiece one after the other.

Purpose: machining of flat and shaped surfaces (e.g. threads, grooves, gears).

CNC turning - principle of operation

The operator's task is to transfer the design assumptions to the computer controller. The latter, taking into account the algorithms, controls the machine tool in the range of the coordinate system using many sensors. CNC lathes, like other numerically controlled machines, use a closed loop feedback system, which can be explained as continuous correction and restoration of all moving elements of the machine tool to a specific position.

Advantages of CNC turning

CNC turning services (numerically controlled machine tool) bring a lot of measurable benefits. which ones? Here they are:


Repeatability of elements - after entering the design assumptions into the computer, the detail is made identically regardless of the number of repetitions.


Speed of production - the efficiency of a CNC lathe cannot be achieved by conventional methods. Obtaining high accuracy does not reduce the speed of manufacturing details.


Excellent precision - the computer selects the machine's operating parameters in such a way that the final product meets all the dimensional and shape assumptions of the project.


Reduction of the number of defective copies - repeatability and minimizing the impact of the human factor translate into a reduction in the amount of waste.


Security - the operator enters information into the computer through the control panel. It is not directly involved in the cutting process, so there is no risk of an accident.

CNC turning services - why is it worth choosing us?

We specialize in metalworking. In our work, we use the latest and most effective solutions that increase repeatability and improve accuracy. We have extensive experience that allows us to freely shape the steel.