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Steel chrome plating
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Steel chrome plating

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Steel as a construction material is perfect for processing. Its feature is high strength, but also plasticity. In addition, steel is relatively cheap and widely available. Thanks to these properties, this material is often chosen by designers. For a detail to fulfill its function, however, it must be protected against adverse factors, and chrome plating of metal is ideal for this. Let's explain what this process is all about.

Chrome plating of details - what is it?

Chrome plating of steel consists in applying a protective coating of chromium, which protects the element against corrosion, rapid temperature changes and stresses.

Chrome plating of details - advantages

What are the benefits of using a chrome coating? This material is abrasion resistant, which directly translates into scratch resistance. This method guarantees a very good visual experience, which is of particular importance in some details. In addition, chrome plating of metal has advantages such as:
perfectly homogeneous, shiny finish;
high hardness;
wear resistance;
resistance to external factors;
better heat conduction;
complete protection against corrosion.

Chrome plating of metal - how is it done?

The process uses the electrolytic method, in which the steel element is bathed in a bath filled with a solution of chromium salts. The bath takes place in a liquid heated to a temperature of several dozen degrees Celsius. The detail, before being placed in the bathtub, is properly prepared (including degreased), thanks to which the coating obtains the right parameters. In the case of technical chrome plating of steel, an extremely thin layer of chromium is applied. It is usually 0.005-0.2 mm thick. It happens, however, that some elements require a thicker layer. It can then be even 1 mm.

If it is necessary to apply another layer, the detail must be left to dry completely. Only then can the process be repeated. The procedure lasts from a few to several hours. The final chrome plating time depends on the size of the detail, the complexity of the structure and the number of sessions.

Chrome plating of steel - why us?

We will make a durable and sensational-looking coating for you, which will significantly increase the life of the element protected in this way. Chrome plating of details is just one of the services we provide. Familiarize yourself with our offer and learn more!

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