Metal processing plant

Steel chrome plating

applying a coating protecting steel against corrosion, rapid temperature changes and mechanical stress.

Plasma cutting

effective method of cutting using the phenomenon of ionization

CNC milling

a method dedicated to flat and shaped surfaces, such as gears, channels.

Bending details

method of shaping sheet metal, using, among others, press brakes.

Heat treatment

allows you to influence the hardness, ductility and other properties of metals.

EDM machining

we use it to cut and drill conductive materials

Welding works

the most popular method of joining elements.

CNC turning services

This well-known technique in many industries is the basis when it comes to the production and shaping of details.

CNC grinding

last stage of processing. It determines the final appearance of the detail

Sheet metal stamping

in this process, the continuity of the fibers is not interrupted, thanks to which the effects
achieved exceed those obtained by other shaping methods.

CNC turning

a technique dedicated to the machining of shafts, cones, threads (external and
internal) and other solids of revolution.